Employee Referral

Notice of Employee Referral Program

Tej Solutions Inc.


Tej Solutions Inc. currently has a job opening. Through the Employee Referral Award program, staff will receive a cash award if they recommend and refer qualified candidates to fill a current job vacancy and Tej Solutions subsequently employs the referred individual.


The program is open to all fulltime staff, excluding Tej Solutions officers, Human Resources staff, and the applicable hiring department manager or supervisor.


Should the candidate accept employment with Tej Solutions and work for at least 60 days, the referring employee will be eligible to receive a cash award of $500 for the successful referral. The referral award is paid by Tej Solutions Inc.


The current 5 job openings are for Sr. Systems Analysts: Perform systems analysis and programming tasks to maintain and control the use of computer systems applications; Develop programs to generate the listings, graphs and reports using various SAS modules like SAS/Base, SAS/Macros and SAS/Graph; Involve in development of design documents and analyze client requirements; Prepare functional specifications and technical documents; Test and de-bug programs and sub-systems. Will use SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide, FUTRIX Health, ACG Tool, Sybase, FACETS, Netteza. Master in CS, Science (any), Engineering (any), MIS with one year related experience is required. Must have SAS certification. Apply w/2 copies of resume to Tej Solutions Inc. 5490 McGinnis Village Place, Ste: 130 & 131, Alpharetta, GA 30005


Send resumes and cover letter to:
HR Manager
Tej Solutions Inc.
5490 McGinnis Village Place
Ste 130 & 131
Alpharetta, Ga 30005


or send resume to