Tej Solutions Inc. offers flexible staffing solutions to premier organizations worldwide that require technical expertise on demand. The technology professionals we deploy, are on a contract basis. Our origins began with a team of engineers contracting our expertise to develop software for Financial, Insurance, Healthcare and Manufacturing firms. Today, contracting and staff augmentation has grown to be an important business unit in Tej Solutions Inc., focused on Information Technology.


Drawing on a vast pool of top talent, Tej Solutions Inc. ensures that our clients are afforded a broad skill set of resources, which are readily available. Our Staffing Solutions group has been providing staff augmentation solutions to IT problems and projects since 2004. Well known for our ability to understand your technical requirements, we will provide appropriately skilled consultants such as web designers, e-Commerce specialists, analysts, designers, programmers, engineers, network administrators, database administrators, project managers and other IT related professionals.


Tej Solutions Inc. consultants deliver value, flexibility, and quality with skills spanning a broad range of technical disciplines including:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Architects
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Design
  • Network Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Quality Assurance

Recruiting the right individuals - people with intelligence, enthusiasm, commitment; who have the right attitude, people who would go to any length to satisfy the clients' requirements. Most of our consultants have diverse business and IT consulting experience. They have seen many decisive moments and they have proved themselves where it matters: in the crucible of the real world at client sites.


We collaborate with other select recruitment agencies in the industry allowing us access to an even wider pool of resources. Throughout, we ensure quality of consultants and a single point of contact for our clients. We focus on finding "Complete Consultants" - individuals who possess excellent technical skills as well as people and team-oriented skills.


Furthermore, together with the rest of our offering, Tej Solutions Inc.'s Contracting and Staff Augmentation addresses most of the Information Technology solutions needs of our customers.


Consulting Services

Tej Solutions Inc. provide our customer’s access to a vast pool of qualified and skilled human resources team of Software professionals that combines multiple platform skills and rich domain experience in various industry segments. Tej Solutions Inc. has extensive experience in augmenting staff for prestigious clients globally. Tej Solutions Inc. can provide experienced Project Managers, Project Leaders, Team Leaders, System Analysts, Designers, Developers and Programmers with proven credentials, expertise and skill sets for short term as well as long-term requirements. Staff Augmentation is the perfect answer when you wish to maximize control and manage your own project but need experienced people to follow your lead. With years of experience in IT staffing you get the experience you need when you need it for exactly as long as you need it.


Our mission is to be your source for superior technical personnel. Whether your project requires one programmer, a technical team, or a complete Outsourcing unit, Tej Solutions Inc. can provide you with the expertise needed to ensure success. Tej Solutions Inc. consultant(s) can jump in at any stage of your IT project with a full range of project management, analysis and programming skills to meet your unique IT needs. The experience and expertise of our IT professionals includes:


  • Application Development (Internet and Legacy Systems)
  • Systems, Application and Database Administration
  • Project Management
  • Data Warehousing and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • ERP Implementation
  • CRM Implementation
  • Network Design, Administration, and Operations


Application Development

Our development teams have extensive experience using today's leading technologies to deliver industrial-strength e-commerce, e-learning, wireless and messaging-based applications.


Tej Solutions Inc. developers utilize our proprietary development methodology that leverages small teams of highly skilled software engineers to design, develop, test and implement sophisticated applications from start to end.


Our development methodology brings together a client's key users and technology staff with our development teams in a facilitated workshop aimed at putting a sharp focus on the Return On Investment (ROI), strategic objectives, and required functionality.


After identifying the specific requirements and prototyping the system, Tej Solutions Inc. rapidly develops each system using reusable components and pre-existing frameworks that we've created over the years. Using this methodology, we have been able to reduce development time by 20% or more and keep budgets under control.